Equifax - The Work Number Website

Eight to sixteen characters, numeric digits only, not the same as the User ID.

  • Number of permutations: 1E+16
  • Number of permutations for the weakest length: 1E+8
  • vs permutations for a 8-16 password using standard characters: 4E+31
  • vs permutations for the weakest length of 8 using standard characters: 7E+15
  • Other issues: allows and encourages the use of sequences like "12345678", SSN, DOB, today's date
  • At stake: last 4 digits of SSN, current and past addresses, and detailed work history of millions of Americans, down to how much their paycheck was in the third week of September 2007
  • Past security screw-ups by this company: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equifax#Security_Failings
Equifax - The Work Number dumb password rule screenshot